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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring Sea

This Spring Sea

not being afraid
of opening our minds unsheltered
from desire
to desire

April warm in mid March
the sun hangs
high above the crowd

I listen to light minds
and their deep susurrence
calming the unquiet tide
a pebble warming
under a clear sky

all things change
yet remain the same


  1. thanks to the OED...

    susurrant adj. whispering, softly murmuring; also irreg.1791 E. Darwin Bot. Garden I. i. 162 With soft susurrant voice.

    1827 J. Montgomery Pelican Island i. 99 Sweet accordance of susurrant sounds.

    1891 Temple Bar July 363 A soft susurrant echo.

    suˈsurrence n. = susurrus n.1909 Athenæum 24 Apr. 491/3 The dim susurrence of cicalas in the trees.

    1857—1857 suˈsurring n. whispering.1826 Blackwood's Edinb. Mag. 20 9 The silence of the twilight is cheered by a soft susurring, that whispers innocence and joy.

  2. I would like to the quiet murmurings...that perhaps as all things change...some may sustain and yet others will reflect a new emerging...

  3. So true. All things change yet the essence remains the same.

  4. This has a delightfully calming tone to it, very smooth. I enjoyed it, the third stanza stands out as well.

  5. Wow I find those collection of words so intellectual and very much calm...Spring Sea is really so beautiful..


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