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Monday, 29 August 2011

white space

She sang naked impassioned vulnerable
for a moment and the sun burned
A second and it wept

Standing bared raw and empty
ever to descend into form
wear clothes of pure substance
and scream passion
empathy, compassion

they were asking of me
am I open to who I am now?
able to hear my own song
delicate and full
and in my self refraction be aware of others
their music not an imposition
but a torchsong...

a full throated dirge of beauty only known through distinction, difference, definition, suffering.

a book full of yearning only fully known when we accept that even behind barricades we are singing

even the sun yearns for an embrace
to lose itself entirely in the other
to be as one

what exquisite suffering to encounter that which can only be known through limitation and failure

stripped of the illusions of control
peeled open and broken
open handed and full of joy

dancing with the devil but no longer playing God
something even God apparently couldn't bear

we're all made whole in mystery

make peace in acceptance
smile in love

Friday, 26 August 2011


back to studying
coffee and phone on my right
white light invades me

just a memory
you laughing in a cafe
overwhelming me

my laptop glares,
the familiar ache of
over exposure

but its all ok
water finding its pathways
bridging difference


warm wind eddying
echoing through ethereal
broken tiled rooftops

brevity today
turbulent isolation
of chosen cages