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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


the tension unvoiced,
conversation rolling over tender memories

not really crushing,
but brushing sensitivities exposing rawness

poignantly stressed,
avoiding the still desired but unspeakeable

not tragedian,
but a willed embracing of the love thats left

warm animation
ebbs and flows beneath layers of conflict

emanating through
ripples of occasional unguarded humour

a dance of sunlight
and shadow on their faces, contrasting echoes.

© 2011 Poetry by Paul Dorkin. All rights reserved.


  1. And the question is how to live not how to recover

  2. I know that the need to will an embrace of what's left is negatively based, would you rephrase it? I think it would affect the pathos of the poem, which might be much better :-)

    Maybe a few more stanzas to alter the emphasis

  3. An emotional tableau exposing how our happiness and sadness is not circumstantial but influenced by temperament


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